Created by the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, the Corporation provides opportunities for Americans to serve their communities through: Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, VISTA, National Civilian Community Corps and Learn and Serve America. The 1993 Act also established the Office of Inspector General, which conducts independent and objective audits and investigations of Corporation programs and operations to prevent and deter waste, fraud and abuse. It also recommends policies to Corporation management to promote economy and efficiency.



We issue Management Alerts for two distinct purposes: (1) to report preliminary findings that require immediate action, pending completion of a full audit or evaluation; and (2) to advise CNCS's leadership of an unattended risk.

Management Alerts


The Corporation for National and Community Service, Office of Inspector General (CNCS-OIG) issued a Management Alert to express our concerns over the following proposed regulatory changes to the Senior Corps Program, which do not appear to have undergone adequate risk assessment prior to the proposed rule-making: (1) Reducing the minimum number of volunteer service hours per week from 15 to 5; and (2) Eliminating the Direct Benefit Ratio or 80/20 Rule, which requires that at least 80 percent of the Federal grant award be expended for volunteer benefits.

CNCS-OIG’s analysis suggests that these two changes may increase certain per-volunteer costs, and simultaneously decrease significantly the service hours delivered to the served communities.  CNCS has not considered these potential financial and programmatic effects, nor has it undertaken a pilot program to identify any other unintended consequences.

We made three recommendations to CNCS, focused on additional analysis and research into potential increased costs and reduction in community service hours.  CNCS’s response did not address the concerns substantively, but said that it would do so as part of the rulemaking process.


CNCS Continues to Pay Invoices Without Adequate Oversight of Labor Charges, in Violation of Federal Acquisition Regulations and CNCS’s Response to Audit Report No. 14-09.


CNCS-OIG has found unsupported teleservice hours in nine audits and investigations of AmeriCorps grantees and VISTA sponsors over the past two years.  In one case, all of the AmeriCorps members were serving from home, and none of their hours could be validated.